Floor and Wall Tiles

Floor leathers. We laid our first floors some 35 years ago and have been developing ways of treating leather over a number of years so the lustrous patina is available from day one.

Our bespoke Regency Range, which spares no expense provides a lustrous patina from day one. You can even have your own personal embossing or inlaying in the full knowledge that your design will be absolutely exclusive. “The ultimate flooring and walling experience”.

Leather Flooring

Product Summary:

Bespoke service:
Each floor and floor tile is made to individual specification allowing the client to create their own distinctive & original floor.

Board mounted:
If specified, the leather tile is specially bonded to the best birch ply board available for quality of installation especially where under floor heating is considered.

Hand Dyed:
Each individual floor tile is hand dyed to a bespoke formulae specified, and then approved by the customer before going on to the finishing stage.

Hand finished:
Each individual floor tile is sealed compressed, multiple waxed with several coats and burnished by hand before inspection.

A Patina from Day One:
These unique processes developed by TWS means that a lustrous antique patina, like years of French polishing, is available from day one.

Bespoke Embossing:
Individual designs can readily be embossed onto these leather floor tiles meeting virtually any customer requirements.

Bespoke Inlays:
As with the embossing service above a similar inlay service is available to meet any customer requirements.

Design and fitting:
We have a number of specialist advisers to guide you through the design and installation process.