Industrial Leathers


Since 1840, Thomas Ware & Sons have been producing industrial leathers for a variety of different applications specifically: flat leather belting for power transmission, round banding leather belting for industrial sewing machines, hydraulic leathers for packing and seals and a wide range of bespoke products such as pickers, and swells for industrial textile machinery, with the majority exported round the world.


Processes are carefully tailored to meet the particular physical properties required such as heat resistance, elongation, abrasion and tensile strength.

We have a well-equipped laboratory undertaking rigorous testing on all technical leathers during process and prior to dispatch.

Product Summary:

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Wet stretched belting leather:
Traditional vegetable pit tanned leather which is then further dressed and wet stretched under tremendous forces to reduce elongation and increase tensile strength in a process lasting up to 6 months.
Thicknesses 3mm through to 7mm.

Round banding leather:
Again, traditionally tanned in pits for many months, the leather is heavily dressed with a unique
mixture of oils and greases to give the ultimate in strength.
Thicknesses 5mm through to 9mm.

Chrome-Retan Leather:
The leather is double tanned to withstand very high temperatures. Used for hydraulic seals
and packings.
Thicknesses 3.5mm through to 8mm.

Razor Honing:
Chrome tanned leather designed to have extraordinary abrasion properties. Various Shore Hardnesses are available.
Thicknesses 4.8-5.2mm.

Vegetable Tanned Ginning Leather:
Thicknesses 3mm through to 7mm.

Friction Leathers:
Chrome tanned buffalo hide required by certain stamping presses in the cutlery and ancillary trades.